City of Escondido, CA - Economic Area of Influence Data Dashboard

Companies of all sizes find their home in the City of Escondido, where entrepreneurship and comfortable living run deep through our coastal mountains. Located just 30 miles from San Diego, business owners can set up shop in Escondido’s vibrant, diverse community while still enjoying the big-city buzz. Meaning “hidden” in Spanish, Escondido is truly the hidden gem in San Diego County.

Please note that the data found in this dashboard include the economic area of influence of the City of Escondido, which extends slightly beyond the City borders. This data geography is defined as a 7-Zip Code cluster: 92027, 92026, 92025, 92029, 92030, 92033, 92046. Data geography defined in each chart below. For questions or clarification, please contact us by clicking here.


Escondido's population decreased by 3,549 over the last 5 years

$9.6B GRP

Gross Regional Product of Escondido

73,002 Jobs

Escondido jobs grew by 1,015 over the last 5 years and are projected to grow by 2,163 over the next 5 years.


Regional average earnings per job in Escondido are $3.0K below the national average earnings of $75.5K per job.

Population and Jobs

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Remote Workers in Escondido

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Projected 5-year Job Growth in Escondido


Goods and services that Escondido's industries require to operate are provided within the region.


Cost of labor in Escondido is 22% below CA average.

Real Estate

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Educational Program Completions in San Diego County (2020)


Change in Distance Offered Programs in San Diego County since 2016


Median Home Value in Escondido


Number of Housing Units in Escondido


Median Age in Escondido

Regional Home Value Comparison

Both Escondido and Oceanside are two of the oldest cities in North County San Diego, and two of the largest cities, with older housing stock that is naturally more affordable from a regional perspective.

Migration Activity

List of top counties' migration activity to/from San Diego County.